Jenna's Grilled Bird | ★ Perfect Bite BBQ ★

★ Perfect Bite BBQ ★

Take your desired cut of Chicken and rinse thoroughly. After rinsing pat each piece of Chicken dry. Coat each piece with extra virgin olive oil.  Then coat each piece of chicken to taste (the more rub the stronger the Flavor) with Perfect Bite Chicken rub and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

Grill chicken over open coals until done (the time depends on how hot your fire is). Prior to removing from grill slather each piece with Perfect Bite Sassy Sweet BBQ sauce. Allow the sauce to "caramelize" on the chicken (depending on the heat of your gill this will only take a couple of minutes or less. be careful not to burn the sauce or chicken). Prior to serving lightly sprinkle each piece of chicken with Perfect Bite Chicken Rub. Provide additional sauce on the side for those who really know how to eat BBQ chicken.


Written by Richard Duren — August 19, 2013


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