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★ Perfect Bite BBQ ★

The idea for Perfect Bite BBQ comes from over fifty years of living in the south, where food, family gatherings and outdoor cooking is a way of life.
For generations people have enjoyed the taste of slow cooked meat over an open fire. Countless hours and thousands of recipes have been devoted to the pursuit of the right combination to create the setting for that “Perfect Bite”.
With our Perfect Bite BBQ products, we ignite the sense of taste to take you back to those memories when life was simple and barbecues with family and friends left lasting impressions of good feelings and happy times. Our original Deep South recipes have stood the test of time and will create that Perfect Bite full of flavor and memories of days gone by.
Our belief is that proper rubs and sauces compliment a good cut of meat, and enhance lesser quality cuts. If you are content with a tomato soup based sauce, with a ton of salt added, then our sauce is not for you.
Our recipes are original Deep South traditions where unique ingredients heighten the taste of pork, beef, chicken, ribs, sausage and any other meats cooked over an open fire. Some products are cheap for a reason.
Perfect Bite BBQ products are made from premium spices and quality ingredients just like it use to be.
Perfect Bite BBQ sauces and rubs contain no cheap fillers and there are no gimmicks, just honest to goodness old south flavor to remind you of how your dad use to fix it.
We hope you enjoy the taste and the trip back down memory lane to fond memories and great taste. Who says you can’t go home again. Thanks for enjoying our products.


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