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★ Perfect Bite BBQ ★

Perfect Bite Rib Rub

Perfect Bite BBQ has taken care to provide a Rib Rub that creates a great taste through a unique blend of flavorful spices, as opposed to hiding the true taste of the ribs with salt. Perfect Bite BBQ’s rub highlights the flavorful juices generated during the cooking process, regardless of how the ribs are cooked. Grilled, smoked or cooked in the oven, a small amount of our rub applied over night or several hours before starting the cooking process is all it takes to produce the “Perfect Bite”. Because salt is not our main ingredient, you can apply our rub whenever you like without the worry of drying out the ribs. Perfect Bite Rib Rub will make your ribs taste better.

Our rubs are made from spices obtained from a local spice house that consistently produce the freshest most concentrated flavor of any spices available.
Great ribs are the mark of a good cook. With Perfect Bite BBQ Rib Rub, you can add just the right amount of our premium spices to make your ribs stand out at your next barbeque. Complimented with our Sassy Sweet barbeque sauce, your next ribs will be “The Perfect Bite”.
Enjoy better barbeque with our premium spice rubs and barbeque sauce.


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